Dream Princess Eevee Benefit Mug

  • $20.00

Eevee the Dream Princess embodies the strength and resilience of never giving up hope in miracles and the good in humans despite the evils one may encounter.  

Little baby Eevee was born in Louisiana with an illness.  Because of this her original owner heartlessly discarded her in the trash.  She cried super loud, as she lay, discarded in the trash, with all of the strength and will to live that her little six week old body could muster.  She was discovered in the trash because of her loud crying and was taken to a local shelter.   They decided, at the shelter, to kill her because she was sick.  But Eevee continued to Dream and didn’t give up hope.  

This is when my wonderful friends at Heavenly Angels Animal rescue swooped in to save her.  She was transported safely from Louisiana to Brooklyn.  She is now receiving all of the love and care that she deserves.  She behaved exceptionally well as the doctors investigated her condition.  Unfortunately it was determined that she will need a surgery much more expensive than what was initially expended.  So Heavenly Angels is raising the money to give Eevee the care she needs and deserved.

I designed this Dream Princess Eevee mug to help to raise the money needed to save this spunky little lady.  

Even when Eevee was sick and discarded in the garbage she never gave up hope in humanity.  She kept her Dream fiercely alive as she sat in the shelter, sick and waiting to be put to death.  She kept the Dream alive through all of these horrors until that Dream to be given the chance to live became real.  Heavenly Angels is giving her the change to live the glorious life full of love that she deserves.   And you can help her by donating towards her surgery. 

Eevee had the strength and resilience to never give up hope, despite the horrible odds.  

Please help us make Eevee’s Dream to live a fabulous life into a reality by purchasing one of our Dream Princess Eevee items or donating at her Gofundme.  100% of the sale of these items will be donated to Heavenly Angels to pay for he4 costly care.