Wonder Dog Sophie Benefit Mug

  • $20.00

“If one has courage nothing can dim the light that shines from within” - Maya Angelou

Sophie was found wandering, homeless, on the streets of Louisiana pregnant, suffering from a poorly healed broken femur and very sick with heartworm.  Despite her difficult life as a stray with immense physical challenges her courage and light still shine brilliantly through the darkness.  She never stopped radiating her courageous calm, loving energy. 

She was rescued by our wonderful friends at Heavenly Angels Rescue and transported accross the country to a loving foster home in the NY area. 

But poor little Sophie’s physical challenges weren’t over.  She went into labor early and her first baby was stillborn, breech, and stuck in place. She was rushed to an emergency vet, where it was discovered that she also has a poorly healed broken pelvis that would prevent her from naturally birthing any surviving puppies. Most likely, she was hit by a car when younger and has been doing her absolute best with crooked bones since then.

She received an emergency surgery to deliver the rest of the pups.... but unfortunately none of her babies survived.  

As she recovered from the birthing surgery illness struck again and complications from her heartworm led to another emergency treatment and another stay in the hospital.  

This poor little gal has been through SO MUCH yet her calm, resilient, strong light from within shines through the darkness with a valiant, unshakable belief that she will overcome and finally enjoy the gold life, in a loving home.... the life she so deserves!  

I was so inspired by Sophie’s story that I designed this Wonder Courage Sophie collection of merchandise in her honor, to raise money for her very costly care.  Despite her immense challenges and suffering her beautiful, calm, resilient light still shines as an inspiration to all of us.  

Heavenly Angels Rescue has not given up on her.  But her vet care has cost them almost 20K.  

By purchasing one of these items you will be helping Sophie get the care she needs.  100% of the sale price of these items will be donated to Heavenly Angels and go towards Sophie’s care and recovery.  

And you can also support her by donating to her GoFundMe.